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Loreta’s Story of Success: ‘My Job Is Never Boring’

Women taking leadership positions is not only a goal – it’s reality! Loreta, the long-time Marino Grupė employee and Head of the Project Management Division, claims facing every day at work with a smile. Joining a small, yet ambitious company, Loreta contributed to its growth, surrounding herself with a well-tuned team. Today she is convinced that this job is her calling.

Loreta shared her story of success at Marino Grupė company.

Loreta, why Klaipėda and why the sea? How did you end up at Marino Grupė?’

‘After nearly 20 years of management, I was looking for a field to apply my knowledge and experience. Since I graduated from the Faculty of Marine Technology at Klaipėda University, the marine sector was not brand new to me and, being born and raised in Klaipėda, I feel attracted and interested into everything that’s related to the sea!’

What brought you to Marino Grupė? How many years have you been working at the company?’

‘I’ve been working here for nearly 7 years. Upon coming to my job interview, I saw a small company with an ambition, perspectives to grow and even take leading positions. The CEO’s attitude inspired confidence that my skills and experience could be useful, and that I would have growth opportunities. I also liked the idea of becoming a part of a growing company. And today, looking back I could say that we have achieved quite a lot. I’ve grown together with the company.’

We’re living in the times of change. In your opinion, what leadership challenges are relevant to modern women?’

‘Unfortunately, many women, seeking to prove that gender is not relevant in leadership, keep facing distrust and various problems. I’m glad that this was not the issue for me. Our team demands high professional standards, but offers absolute tolerance. I am sure that all of my colleagues have earned their positions by hard work and have truly deserved to be where they are. Creating an environment of mutual respect and understanding enables to recognise people for their work, rather than for who they are.’

Please describe your typical day at work.’

All of my days at work are unique! The only elements that are constant, include daily meetings, discussions of the previous day or week, and planning the tasks for the future. Everything else is very dynamic and often unpredictable because of the large amount of our employees and projects.’

Could you highlight some aspects of your job that you like most?’

‘No routine – with no doubt. Every day offers new challenges and situations that need to be solved fast. I am thankful for my talented and friendly team that is always ready to do that with me. I learn something new every day and never feel like I’m just counting hours till the end of work.’

What achievement makes you most proud?’

‘I’m proud that during the pandemic, which has seized the entire world and broke many companies and businesses, our team overcame all challenges: not only did we not lose what we have achieved, but actually became even stronger. We’ve strengthened our leading positions in the marine sector.’

You are very active and full of ideas. Where do you draw inspiration?’

‘My improvement is inspired by the trust that I don’t want to let down. Many of my colleagues know that they can count on me for help or advice in any situation. I am sure that together we’re a team that can overcome all challenges!’

Many of us encounter difficulties in managing time, stress and tension at work… Perhaps you could share some miraculous career advice?’

‘It’s all very simple. Do the job you like! That’s when you will find yourself going to work happy and in a good mood. And if you feel like it’s not the case – don’t be afraid of change, try new fields and take a risk.’

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