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We provide a full range of welding, assembly, painting, installation, scaffolding services. Marino Group clients say: “We have not found a better company that supplies quality workers quickly and supervises the project from A to Z.”

Marino Group

Offers These Services

Ship-hull Assembling and Welding

Cruise ships, barges, yachts, ferries, military vessels – we build all types and purposes of ships in France, Germany, Holland and other countries around the world. Hull assemblers and welders carry out all phases of shipbuilding and ship repair to impeccable standards.

Welding Services

We offer professional welding services in shipbuilding, ship repair, pipeline installation, tank construction and more. All our welders are tested in our testing centre to ensure that clients only receive the services of professionals with experience.

Metal Construction Assembling and Welding

Whether it’s metal structures, metal parts, line manufacturing or industrial building construction, Marino Group’s specialists manufacture, assemble, weld and paint all types of structures. Assemblers arrive on site within 7 working days (teams of 2 or more).

Installation of Piping Systems

Piping installation, installation of piping systems, on-site welding or installation – professional pipefitters carry out all services on ships and industrial projects (workshops, buildings, factories). Drainage, ventilation, refrigeration and other systems.

HVAC Installation Services

Marino Group’s ventilation experts install all types of HVAC systems: ventilation systems, cooling systems, heavy and light ventilation for both ships and industrial projects. We offer flexible service prices and proven HVAC specialists with experience.

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Painting and Sandblasting Services

We offer qualified painters and sandblasters in the shipbuilding and industrial sectors: sandblasting (surface preparation), detail painting, ship painting, painting of metal structures. We work with rollers and compressor painting.

Scaffolding Installation Services

Marino Group scaffolding installers provide on-site scaffolding installation (scaffolding dismantling/installation) services of any complexity – we offer fast, high quality work for both shipbuilding and industrial building projects.

Electrical Installation Services

Electrical installation on ships, in workshops, factories – qualified electricians with experience can install your business’s electrical system anywhere in the world. We also provide solar power plant installation and connection work for our clients.

Insulation Services

Tinning, ship pipe insulation, wire insulation, thermal insulation and other insulation work – we provide a full range of services for ships and industrial facilities (tanks, boilers, pipelines, etc.). Professional insulators at your service.

Plumbing Services

Cruise ship plumbing, yacht plumbing, industrial building plumbing, boiler manufacturing and installation – professional plumbers offer a full range of plumbing services. We work not only on ships, but also in hospitals, workshops and factories.

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