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Scaffolding Installation Services

Marino Group scaffolding installers provide on-site scaffolding installing (scaffolding dismantling/installation) services of any complexity – we offer fast, high quality work for both shipbuilding and industrial building projects.

About the Service

We offer the following services to clients in the shipbuilding and industrial sectors: dismantling and installing scaffolding in industrial, shipbuilding projects (inside and outside) – we work with facade and modular scaffolding. Our professional scaffolders have the appropriate certificates for working at heights.

In addition, we adhere to strict safety requirements and norms throughout our work, and our project managers ensure constant communication with the client and adherence to the project’s time frame.

Marino Expertise

Marino Group provides professional scaffolding services. In addition, we have all-in-one specialists who have expertise in several fields.

We have accumulated 7 years of experience in shipbuilding, ship repair and industry, which allows us to offer our customers a wide range of installers from 13 different countries.

Marino Group engineers additionally carry out technical standardisation, preparation of commercial proposals, analysis of drawings/technical specifications and provide your business with a specific fixed price offer – clients take no risk.

During our experience we have successfully completed more than 120 projects in 15 countries, earning us the reputation of leaders in the Baltic States.

Care for Staff

Every Marino Group professional undergoes a rigorous pre-employment skills assessment at our testing centre in Klaipėda. This is how we maintain the quality of our staff to ensure that we send only the most qualified team to each project.

We pay for travel, accommodation and workwear for all employees, so that when they arrive on site, they only have to worry about the work at hand.

The workers are directly employed at Marino Group as long-term employees with a Lithuanian contract, so our clients do not have to worry about employee documentation or legal employment issues. You need a team of specialists? Get them in 7 days or less without any issues.

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