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Project Lead Laimonas: “Young People Are the Most Responsible Employees”

Laimonas, Project Lead for ship hull works, is young, energetic and not afraid of challenges. After a year of active work at “Marino group”, Laimonas shares his insights on his position as well as current employment tendencies.

From receiving a new project to successful implementation

The process of implementing a novel project is clear enough: a request is received from a client, a team is assembled, travel and accommodation are organized and the work is followed up. However, you have to already roll up your sleeves at the employee selection stage:

“We constantly strive to ensure a high quality of work, therefore employees are chosen extremely responsibly. Welders are tested at our center in Klaipėda, while ship hull assemblers have to go through an interview. The candidate usually has to analyze a technical drawing and answer practical questions about various situations. Next, we pass the baton to the site managers in each country – they supervise the progress of the work and the quality standard.”

Laimons admits that getting a new project and assembling a team can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, however, it’s actually his favorite part of the job:

“I thrive in a challenging environment. I believe the best way to improve is only through encountering unexpected issues as it’s much easier to solve them the second time around.”

Young people are the most reliable employees

When asked about the image of a good employee, Laimonas answers:

“Experience has shown that a young person copes well with work tasks even without experience. Everything relies on a strong desire to learn quickly and the ability to adapt to different situations. For example, a year ago we hired a ship hull assembler with no experience, who can already work independently – something others can’t achieve in 5 years. We have a vision to promote him to site manager, although the young man’s salary has already increased by 30% in a year due to his increasing skills.”

When talking about responsible young employees, Laimonas gives his own career rise as a personal example:

“I have 5 years of experience in shipbuilding, but I only started working as a Project Lead a year ago. Constant communication with people was new for me, but I overcame this barrier quite quickly and now I manage a team of 120 employees. I feel that the warm connection I have with the team inspires me to improve in my field and achieve even more.”

Communication is the key to project success

Every day is like a new chapter in the dynamic work of a Project Lead, but according to Laimonas, transparent and open communication with the client determines when a project is perfectly implemented:

“I think it’s important to always try to communicate with the customer and solve the issues as quickly as possible when any questions or uncertainties arise. If there is staff rotation or discrepancies in the project timeline, we alert the client and find the best solution. Of course, our work is rooted in teamwork, so good relations with colleagues also contribute to the success of projects.”

We invite you to become part of the team led by Laimonas – we are constantly looking for support workers, welders, assemblers and engineers to join the 1300+ professionals of Marino group. You can reach us on tel. +370 672 94489 and info@marinogroup.lt

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