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Aurimas Margevičius: ‘Our Vision Is Not Only a Successful, but Also a Well-Tuned Team’

Marino grupė is a young and energetic company, offering not only development-promoting challenges, but also career opportunities for all hard-working new employees. Aurimas Margevičius, Deputy CEO at Marino grupė agreed to share his experience on leadership, teamwork and growth opportunities. What benefits do these aspects offer the company’s employees and clients?

Leadership challenges

Aurimas Margevičius, working in a leadership position at Marino grupė for a few years, says that a large team offers quite a few challenges. ‘Finding an accord with your team is not always easy. We’re all different with our opinions and interests. We’re also a fast-growing company. This means that the team keeps growing and adding new colleagues that need to tune in to the company’s processes.’

He also highlighted task assignment as one of the key challenges. ‘You need to get to know and find a dialogue with each person. If your team members love what they do, then they reveal their best, offering the best results possible.’

Communication helps to overcome this challenge. ‘Warm and friendly atmosphere at work is the key factor to ensure maximum results. I talk to all of my team members and assign tasks in person. My team makes me proud – we’re so well-tuned that it takes one word or even a changed face to understand each other.’ says Margevičius.

Decisions are made by the team

Aurimas Margevičius says that the key to finding an accord lies with joint decision-making and really listening to everyone’s expectations. ‘We make a tight fist, so even the smallest issues are solved by the entire team. Decision-making at Marino grupė is a joint effort.’

Does a growing number of the team members make this process harder? Margevičius believes that it’s not a problem. ‘An increasing number of colleagues means building more teams. Our experience shows that team work is most efficient, when the team consists of up to 5 people. Its members complement each other, taking up the tasks that they’re best at. Each team has a leader. All colleagues have different talents and namely that’s what makes this job fascinating. We complement each other and thus produce professional results.

Focus on the growth of the employees

Marino grupė is a rather young company, offering a range of career prospects. Its employees have excellent growth opportunities. ‘We make investments into the development of our employees, frequently organising useful trainings. We also do our best to provide our team with various career opportunities. Each new position is firstly offered to our team members. We announce an internal tender with candidates preparing and introducing plans for the new position.’ says Margevičius.

Asked for examples of making a career at the company, he points at himself. ‘I began my career at Marino grupė as a sales manager. I kept improving and climbing the career ladder, eventually ending up as the Deputy CEO, responsible for other employees, task assignment and the company’s growth. We have many examples of our workers becoming managers, masters, or human resource staff eventually taking up project management or department management positions.’

Margevičius is convinced that investments and staff improvement bring benefits not only to the team, but also the clients. ‘Our clients receive not only a good service, but also full support of our professional team. This translates into impeccable task fulfilment. I am sure that Marino grupė modern approach and attention on the growth of our team ensures highest quality services that you’ll keep returning for.’

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