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Head of Non-EU HR Department Irina: “The company must systematically motivate its employees”

Head of Non-EU HR department Irina has been accumulating experience in her field for 18 years and currently leads a team of 9 HR professionals. The lead shared not only the secrets of successful leadership, but also the ambitious vision of the Non-EU HR department.

The Beginnings

“I noticed a job listing by Marino Group back in 2018 for Non-EU HR personnel. At that time, the recruitment of non-EU nationals was a relatively new field – Marino Group deputy director did not even know what to ask me during the job interview. I decided to give it a try and I really don’t regret this decision. Three months later, I hired the first Ukrainian, and today we already have 687 employees from Asia, Eastern Europe and beyond.”

Irina’s Leadership Philosophy

All managers know that leading a team is more than just delegating work. Leadership, motivation, inspiration of employees comes from within the managers themselves. Irina also has her own personal philosophy:

“In my opinion, a leader should be like a conductor who hears every instrument: who is out of tune and who plays the notes perfectly. A good conductor must be able to properly conduct an orchestra. From my experience, I noticed that the team usually looks up to the person from whom they can gain experience and improve, so I strive to be that motivator. Actually, my department has a really low turnover rate. The girls have been working for 3-4 years now and the team is constantly expanding.”

The Formula For Success

According to Irina, a low employee turnover rate depends not only on adequate financial compensation, but also on the systematic recognition of employees:

“The company must value its employees, motivate them and systematically show that they are appreciated. For example, I come in every morning to talk to my team, keeping a positive attitude, asking how things are going. In addition, we celebrate birthdays and other company holidays together, sometimes we get together on Fridays. In my opinion, then a person feels important and needed in the company, which increases dedication to 100%. There are HR professionals who have been working for three years or more at Marino Group because they feel valued and believe in what they do. It is important to mention that I always remind my team: if there is a problem, don’t keep it to yourself – you can always come to me and talk. We have mutual trust and support, thus I know the ins and outs of their work life.”

HR Doesn’t Know Routine

You can often hear stereotypes about HR professionals: “They don’t do anything but collect documents.” Non-EU HR Head says that the reality paints a completely opposite picture:

“Every day is a challenge for us, especially for the Non-EU department. Every month the state announces new changes or orders, so flexibility is necessary to adapt to the unstable situation with the employment of foreigners. I’m not a fan of routines, so I’m glad we work in an unpredictable environment. Of course, state changes are not always in our favor, but I try to look at it positively: you can’t change destiny, however, you can find a different path. As professionals, we’re never stuck in one place, meaning we are always looking for new ways to find and employ non-EU citizens. So, routine does not really exist with us.”

Vision – Non-EU Department “Empire”

Irina says that one of the most successful Marino Group ideas was to establish the Non-EU HR department:

“In the next few years, I will prove that we can have a Non-EU HR department “empire”. In 2023, compared to 2022, we employed 63% more foreigners, which is a huge spike. The supply of potential foreign employees is really vast, you just need to solve the nuances of the law, believe in what you are doing, and everything will be great.”

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