About us

One of the largest shipbuilding companies in the Baltic States, known as Marino Group in the international market.

Shipbuilding leaders in the Baltic States and throughout Europe

UAB “Marino group”, located in the Lithuanian port city of Klaipėda, is the largest shipbuilding company in the Baltic countries. The company performs welding and installation of ship hulls, installation of HVAC systems, assembly of metal structures of ships, installation of pipelines, installation of ventilation and insulation systems, production and installation of parts, painting and sandblasting, scaffolding installation services for ships, as well as in the construction of industrial buildings. This Lithuanian company, which is successfully developing its international activities in Europe and around the world, has more than 1,200 employees – shipbuilding, welding and pipeline installation professionals.

The central branch of UAB “Marino group” is located in the Lithuanian port city of Klaipėda, but the company has established its branches in Latvia, France, Poland, Germany and Romania. Constant and purposeful concentration of competent and motivated personnel in a single pair of hands enables the company to offer a wide range of professional services. UAB “Marino group” works in the largest shipyards and in the construction of industrial facilities in Europe and the world. The company’s concentrated competences and accumulated experience enable us to satisfy even the most demanding customer needs, which are often intrinsic to the construction and repair of large prestigious cruise or pleasure ships. UAB “Marino group” can offer not only human resources, but also all additional services required for successful project development and implementation.

UAB “Marino group” vision

The international vision of UAB “Marino group” is to become your highest quality and most reliable contractor and subcontractor in marine and industrial projects, shipbuilding and repair sectors.

UAB “Marino group” mission

The international mission of UAB “Marino group” is continuous improvement, which is necessary in order to meet the highest qualification criteria, allowing to optimally fulfill the expectations of customers.

For customers

UAB “Marino group” is always ready to promptly respond to your emerging needs and can offer you the help of professionals at the time and in the place you need.

For employees

UAB “Marino group” organizes trainings, provides work clothes, safety equipment, transport, covers travel expenses, provides work tools and all social guarantees to workers in Lithuania and abroad. The company constantly creates the most attractive working conditions for its employees, creates continuous opportunities for employees to grow and improve.