About us

UAB ‘Marino grupė’ is an enterprise registered in Lithuania. The company’s administration and production base is located in the city of Klaipeda, near the port to the Baltic Sea. The main activities are installation of pipes and equipment, welding, insulation, tiling works, HVAC systems, fittings, foundations, doors, hatches and other components on ships. The company consisting professional staff has been successfully working not only in Lithuania, but in other countries for several years now. UAB ‘Marino grupė’ carries out works for project price. At the request of the customer we can also carry out works at competitive hourly rate. We are proud of completed projects and we were honored by customers for execution of complex projects in a professional and timely manner, including not only installers, welders but also engineers, designers, project managers, work executives. The company is constantly looking for new partners who could help with various projects.

The main goal is to do as many jobs as possible in foreign countries. We have completed projects in:

Finland, Germany, Iceland, Denmark, England, Spain, Japan, Norway

The company is insured by general liability insurance, which is valid in foreign countries, employees are insured with additional medical insurance coverage.